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Please turn in completed form with original receipts or legible copies to PTO Treasurer’s Box located with Staff Mailboxes. Reimbursement requests turned in by Friday of each week should be processed & check distributed by Friday of the following week.


The reimbursement process may be delayed without original receipts or legible copies of receipts.

Place your business card in the fish bowl by the volunteer computer, every time you volunteer and enter to win a $5 gift card!



If you are looking for other volunteer opporunities such as art lit, running club, field day, etc., check out OUR PROGRAMS!


If you are looking for open board and chair positions CLICK HERE

Volunteering & Setting up a volunteer account:


SHPTO is always in need of volunteers! 

Interested in signing up to help with Fun Run, in a classroom, or in another area of need within the school? Sign in to to view the current listings.


Don’t have a myVolunteerPage account? To create a new account and complete a background check for guardians (it’s same application for both), please click here (community volunteers, including grandparents and high school students, should click here). A confirmation email will be sent once an individual is set up in the system.


Remember, you must complete your background check in order to volunteer at any school within the Beaverton School District. Thanks again for your patience and understanding as we all learn the ropes with this new system! If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our Volunteer Coordinators.

Thanks for all you do to help SHPTO and our school!

Tips when setting up your account in myVolunteerPage:


1) Use your email as your username, or something you know for sure you'll remember (and email address is great because they are unique for each person).


2) Make your password SUPER easy (no need for CAPS, numbers and symbols). Remember, this password will travel with your through your child's entire education within the BSD. 


3) Should you happen to forget your password, please visit (if you login on your mobile device, be sure to click on the link to "Go to the main site") to reset it. Again, keep it simple so you won't forget.


4) If the you are unable to login due to computer issues, please be sure to check in with Helen and Donna so they are aware you're in the building (this is in case of emergencies so they know who is present at the school). Use the visitor's log or be proactive! Grab a piece of paper and start a hand-written volunteer log, including your name, activity, time in and time out. Your Volunteer Coordinators will use the list to record your hours in the system.


Thanks again for your patience.


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