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Many employers generously offer matching gift programs to benefit local public schools. Because the PTO is a tax-exempt organization under the provisions of IRS code 501(c)(3), we are able to receive matching contributions from employers. Some of the companies that make matching donations include:


Columbia Sportswear: 100% match (up to $1000/year) must be requested by employee through intraweb


FEI: 100% match (up to $200 year). Employee must fill out a request and submit to MF Coordinator. 


Intel: 50% match must be requested by employee at the linked web site.

Mentor Graphics: 100% match

Motorola: 100% match

Nike100% matching must be made through the linked web site


Symantec: 100% match, employee must download a form from the intraweb and have the MF Coordinator verify.


The requirement for the matching portion of a contribution varies by employer.  

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