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It's cool to be green! 

Green Team

Scholls Heights became an Oregon Green School in May of 2017.  The goals of our Green Team are to reduce waste, conserve resources, and connect kids to nature!  The whole school community works together on many actions to help reduce our environmental footprint.

We Recycle!

Our hardworking maintenance staff manage our robust recycling program at Scholls Heights.  We recycle common curbside items like paper, cardboard, plastic tubs, and glass.  We also recycle lightbulbs, Styrofoam, and more.

Our office staff help recycle batteries and ink-jet cartridges.  They also reuse paper from misprints on copy jobs and turn the paper into notepads.

Our Green Team collects bottles and cans from school bins for our BottleDrop account, plastic film and bags, for recycling.

We Garden!

Our school butterfly and pollinator garden is a Certified Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation.  Each year classes get a chance to explore the garden, learn about pollinators, and planting flowers, vegetables, and native plants.

We Educate!

Our 5th grade student Green Team the “Green Knights” work on projects throughout the year to educate students on a variety of topics including recycling, reducing waste, and Walking + Rolling to school.  They also enjoy learning in the garden and helping enhance our garden space for our wildlife friends.


Family At Home Activities:


Pinecone Bird Feeder

Beginning Birding

Fall Leaves

Have questions or want to join our parent team? 

Please contact Andrea Bonard at

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