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Teachers, do you have something you would love for your classroom or a trip you really want to take the kids on, etc. but you lack funds?
Parents, do you have an idea that you would like to spearhead that will improve our children's education?
We want to help!
Just fill out a Grant Request Form, then come present your request at our next PTO Community Meeting (which are typically the first Wednesday of the month at 6:00 pm via Zoom)! 

Approved Grants for 2022 - 2023 ...

$2,825 -Wobble Stools for Teachers & Students in all grades
Provided funds to purchase 44 wobble stools for students who need more flexibility while they are learning. All teachers that needed chairs requested them under this grant. 

$280 - Popcorn Machine
Provided funds to purchase a new popcorn machine for the Scholls Heights school community.

$3,856 - Technology Class Set of iPad's with Bluetooth Keyboard & Case
Provided Funds to purchase 9 iPads, 14 Bluetooth Keyboard & Cases and 9 AppleCare+. Technology teacher sourced 5 iPads from BSD.

Crowdsourcing through BEF took place to raise funds for additional iPads needed for a full class set. BEF Goal met and matching contribution of $1250 awarded. See campaign details here

$299 - Special Education SLP Subscription for Everyday Speech Website*
Provided Funds to purchase a 1 year subscription for Everyday Speech website Speech Language Pathologists and Case Managers can use to support the autistic sped students which provides video modeling, lesson plans, games and other teaching materials that target the social, emotional and behavioral needs of students.
*  Grant approved,  funded through the district after grant approval.

$679 - New Recess Cart
Provided Funds to replace the recess cart used by all students. 

$1,316 - ISC Scooters & Equipment for PE
Provided Funds to purchase scooters, foam balls and other p.e. equipment for Scholls Heights PE teachers to use for the ISC class to give them the best opportunity to access PE.  

$364 for Kindergarten Rainy Day Recess Equipment
Provided Funds to purchase kindergarten rainy day recess supplies. The supplies includes catch a ball, foam balls, ring toss, throwing disks, sidewalk chalk, and monster feet as well as a few bins to organize and a wagon to transport them.

$600 - 3rd Grade "Who Was" Series Books (2 grants)
Provided Funds to purchase new Who Was Series books for 3rd grade. The students will use the books to learn about the persons life growing up, obstacles and challenges they faced, historical events that happened during their life time, and how they became who they were. The students will take notes and write an information paper about the person that they choose.

$5,631 - New Flip Forms Music Class
Provided Funds to purchase 4 flip forms (additional risers) for music performances. 

$158 - Zettle Card Readers 
Provided Funds to purchase 2 PayPal Zettle credit card processing readers to use for taking credit cards at PTO events. 

$750 - 2nd Grade "Art, Paint, Pour!" Project
Provided Funds to purchase art supplies to do a fun and engaging art project. They will be creating "museum quality" acrylic paint pour canvases!

$200 - Friendship Party Bags
Provided Funds to purchase white bags with handles for all students for valentines, students got to decorate their bags in class and us them to bring home their valentines.

$210 - 3rd Grade Terreriums
Provided Funds to purchase terrariums for 3rd grade to implement as part of our Life Science unit in the spring. A terrarium is a miniature garden grown inside a covered glass or plastic container. It is an excellent tool for teaching children about the water cycle as it demonstrates evaporation, condensation and precipitation.

$1,694 - 1st Grade Soft Start "Light Exploration"
Provided Funds to purchase light tables & accessories to be used daily during soft start exploration and during science units for day & night sky and light & sound. 1st grade soft start and content exploration times foster important student habits & practices including collaborating & communicating with others. 
*  Grant approved at higher amount during general meeting to purchase higher quality & multi use light tables. 

$4,120 - Technology Class Set of iPad's with Bluetooth Keyboard & Case
Provided Funds to purchase the final 10 iPads needed after BEF funding and cases that have keyboards to complete a full technology class set. To see a video made by the students on all the ways these iPads will be utilized click here.

$610 5th Grade Yearbooks
Provided Funds to purchase year books for 5th grade students, each year, the 5th grade students graduating from Scholls Heights Elementary are presented with a yearbook filled with photographs and memories from their years spent in elementary school. It is an invaluable and lasting keepsake, complete with notes and signatures from their classmates, teachers and other staff; individual and group pictures; and entertaining features such as class surveys and polls.

$4,790 Wireless Speaker System

Provided Funds to purchase a wireless Microphone System and Speakers for the Library/Technology space to be used primarily for Assemblies.

$3,000 Color Copier 
Provided Funds to purchase/lease a color copier. Lease includes  maintenance and toner/ink. 

** Click grant title to read full Grant Application for additional information.
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