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The PTO has received some questions about why we continue to fundraise, especially since school events continued to be postponed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Where does the fundraising money go?
All money collected by SHPTO goes directly to support Scholls Heights students and staff. There are 3 different different areas of support that the SHPTO provides:

1. Classroom Support and Principal Fund
Every teacher is given a classroom fund based on the amount of students they have in class for the year. They are able to use those funds as they wish to support their classroom. The principal also receives their own fund to support their administrative staff and needs.

2. Community and Educational Enhancement


In a normal school year, the SHPTO funds or supplements funding for events that happen at the school, like class parties, 5th grade send off, International Fair, Running Club, Family Dance, Movie nights, and more. 

The SHPTO also provides monetary support for committees that do things for the school, such as: Green Team, Makerspace, Staff Appreciation, Hospitality, Community Support (like the food drive).

Over a fourth of all money raised goes directly to Educational enhancement, which includes: art literacy, field trips, Biz Town for 5th graders, passport and the Science Fair. 

3. Grants
Anyone affiliated with Scholls Heights can request grants to improve our school and the students education. The grant application can be found on this website. Read more about the grants approved here.

Where can I see the budget for the SHPTO?

You can check out our budget on our website. It is updated regularly by our Treasurer. If you have any questions, please reach out to directly. 

How can I share my ideas/thoughts on the SHPTO budget?

Join us at one of our monthly PTO meetings. 

If you have any other questions, please email


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