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Fun Run FAQ's


What is the Fun Run?

The FUN RUN is our school’s most profitable fundraiser, where students raise money (flat amount or per-lap donations) and run or walk around the school track. This money is used to pay for programs and activities that benefit our students even remotely, such as literacy materials, classroom support, and enrichment grant requests for equipment and educational supplies. It also pays for field trips, science fair, community events, art literacy, passport club, international festival, and so much more! 

There is not a child in our school that is not directly impacted each year by PTO Funds.

When and where does the Fun Run take place?

It will take place during the school day on April 8


How long will the students run?

We encourage students to run, jog, or walk for 20 minutes. Based on our new set up with Booster, it is estimated that students will run as many as 30 laps. 

Will students receive a t-shirt again this year?


2022 Fun Run

April 8

It's time for the 2021 - 2022 Scholls Heights Fun Run!

Our goal is for each student to raise at least $45, but we encourage everyone to donate in any way they can. Please assist your child in collecting pledges from friends, family, and neighbors. This is also the best opportunity to have your company match your donations! (Nike, Intel, Siemens, GE, most banks and lending companies, etc!)


All donations will be digital this year.

Please register your student and donation vie the website below. 

A Special Thanks to our Fun Run Activity Co-Chairs: Sabrina Snoozy & Pearl Bay!