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FIELD DAY- June 5th, 2020


How do you properly celebrate the end of the school year? With a field day, of course!


Field Day is long standing tradition at Scholls Heights. Students spend the day participating in gym and field activities. This day traditionally consists of a variety of events, games, and competitions that everyone can enjoy. These activities offer physical exercise and help children learn team building skills.

Oh, and did we mention the popsicles?


We need LOTS of volunteers to make this day a success!!!  Here are the times for each grade level:

(*NOTE: This is last years schedule, more info to come)

  • Kindy/1st (8:45am-10:10am) - 20 volunteers needed


  • 2nd/3rd (10:15am-11:40am) - 20 volunteers needed


  • 4th/5th (1:30pm-2:55pm) - 30 volunteers needed





Thank you to our activity Chair Kori Kohen! Questions? Email Kori.


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