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Nominations for 2023-2024 PTO Board 


Board elections are an important event for any organization, as it determines the individuals who will lead and make decisions for the organization in the upcoming school year. The nominees for the SHPTO board are individuals who have shown a willingness to take on leadership roles and are committed to the SHPTO's mission and values.


The nominees are:


  • Co-President: Stacey Andrews

  • Co-Vice Presidents: Sarah Maginnis and Rachel Styer

  • Co-Treasurer: Julie Carriera

  • Minutes Secretary: Suzanne Tenney

  • Communications Secretary: Megan Strawn

  • Co-Volunteer Coordinator: Deena Selbak


Please join us on May 10, 2023 at 6pm to vote on our board positions.


New board members will join our returning board members to round out the 23-24 SHPTO Board. The returning board members who will be in second year in their position are: Erin Longmate, Jennifer Boesche and Mini Baru.

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