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What types of containers can I return?
Any container that you pay a deposit on when purchased is redeemable at BottleDrop. For a full list of eligible items please refer to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission.


Donating your refunds from bottles and cans to our school.


How do I participate?  

To request a bottle drop bag please complete our Google Form to schedule a pick up.


Next, fill up the bag with your bottles and cans. At your convenience, drop it off in the Drop Door at a nearby BottleDrop Redemption Center 



Centers are open from 8AM to 6PM daily, check location for extended Drop Door hours. 

The barcode sticker on the bag will unlock the Drop Door, and also give the credit back to the school.




  • Bags have a 20 lb weight limit

  • If your bag has glass only, fill about ½ full

  • No crushed cans (all cans and bottles must be whole with labels intact)

  • No trash, debris, or liquid

BottleDrop Bag.jpg

Already have a Bottle Drop account? 

You can donate funds from your account online.

  • Login to your account 

  • Click on the tab "Donate to a Fundraiser"

  • Select "Scholls Heights Elementary PTO"

  • Click "Donate Now"

  • Enter amount you would like to donate

  • Confirm donation by clicking "Donate Now" again

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