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The Scholls Heights Parent Teacher Organization (SHPTO) is about our children and our community. 

SHPTO is a nonprofit organization governed to promote the

well-being of each student, and to enhance their learning experience at home and at school.  


As stated in the SHPTO by-laws; our general purpose is to promote volunteerism and to foster teamwork among parents, teachers, staff, and students so as to provide a healthy and constructive learning environment for each student.  



SHPTO Board Members

The SHPTO is run by a team of elected volunteers whose children attend Scholls Heights Elementary.  Each board member serves a two-year term.  


The 2022 - 2023 elected SHPTO Board:

Presidents: Allison Ziarnik and Erin Longmate

Vice Presidents: Amy Willis and Stacey Andrews

Volunteer Coordinators: Amisha Shah Punj and Mini Baru

Treasurers: Scott Taylor and Jennifer Boesche

Secretaries: Nicole Mueller

Read more about each of the board members here.


For 2022-2023 we will be meeting on the first Wednesday of the month via zoom with the exception of September as school will not be in session yet. 

Take a look at the calendar for dates, times and other events coming up. 


Missed something? Check out our newsletters and meeting minutes page.


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